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Cloud-hosted Microcontrollers

Connect to cloud hosted Hardware-in-the-Loop. Real microcontrollers embedded in a custom I/O fabric enabling real-time emulation of connected hardware.

Tracing and Visualization

Observe full-system behavior with a suite of data capture and visualization tools. Fully integrated with cloud hardware, as well as many popular data acquisition systems.

Testing and Reports

Iterate quickly with a Python-based test framework with built-in support for common hardware, requirement tracking and reporting for standards compliant development.

Meet the team

As firmware engineers, we spent years developing and shipping products at scale. Between batteries, bootloaders and brain implants, we've seen it all. Our mission is to build the tools we wish we had to enable teams to ship higher quality products, faster.

Headshot of John Ott

John Ott

Former Neuralink software engineer. Full-stack engineer from bare-metal assembly to AWS-deployed Kubernetes.

Headshot of Michael Jaradah

Michael Jaradah

Former Tesla Energy firmware lead. Experienced across domains like embedded, networking, safety systems and validation infrastructure.

Headshot of Taylor Keairns

Taylor Keairns

Former Tesla Energy firmware/software lead. Specialized in system programming for embedded Linux and RTOS.